Home Evaluations

During a free home evaluation from Home Access Professionals, we carefully assess the entire home and make suggestions to the insurance carrier or payer for the equipment and modifications that will most greatly impact the patient’s independence and quality of life.

Each home and patient need is unique, but Home Access Professionals’ evaluations are consistent with industry proven tools, including our assessment report and pricing system.

Home accessibility evaluations are performed by licensed professionals with credentials and training including USC Executive Certificate in Home Modification program, Certified Environmental Access Consultants (CEAP), Certified Living In Place Professional Program (CLIPP), and Certified Aging in Place Professionals (CAPS). These are experts with a deep understanding of the needs of injured, disabled, and aging clients.

Preparing for a Home Evaluation

  • Schedule your home evaluation for a day and time when the person in need will be present. If applicable, your nurse case manager or occupational therapist may also be present.
  • Expect the evaluation to take between 30 minutes (for a partial project) to 2 hours (for a full home evaluation).
  • Ensure there are clear paths through the entire home allowing the home evaluation provider to access each room.
  • Have available any adaptive equipment (e.g., cane, walker, wheelchair) that is used.
  • Put large dogs away.

After the Evaluation

Within 5 business days of the home accessibility evaluation, Home Access Professionals’ report and recommendations are sent directly to the insurance carrier. The insurance carrier will make the final determination on which equipment and modifications are approved.

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