Vertical Platform Lifts

For home entrances where ramps are not a viable option, vertical platform lifts offer a convenient mode of access for wheelchair users. VPLs can also be installed inside homes, allowing access to a second level.

For some wheelchair users, a home stair lift is simply not an option. A vertical platform lift allows the individual to remain safe and independent in their own home, while being able to easily transfer from one floor to another. Wheelchair lifts cost less and are easier to install than elevators, and they provide added security and additional cost savings as the individual’s health begins to decline – making them a good choice for long-term needs.

The Benefits of a Vertical Platform Lift

  • Weather-resistant models can be used outdoors year-round
  • Built-in safety features including obstruction sensors and emergency stop switches provide peace of mind
  • Can be used independently, with no need for a caregiver or second person to operate the lift
  • Requires less space than a ramp for home entry
  • Unobtrusive indoor designs provide a smooth, quiet ride and integrate seamlessly with the home’s decor
  • High weight capacities (depending on model) makes it appropriate for use with bariatric patients
  • Battery operation means the system will be usable even in a power outage

Depending on the home’s layout and the patient’s needs, a vertical platform lift may be a more suitable option than a ramp, stair lift, or elevator. Home Access Professionals can perform a free in-home evaluation to determine the most appropriate and cost-effective solution.

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