Stair Lifts

Stair lifts allow those with limited mobility to access their entire homes. Home Access Professionals installs a variety of low-profile designs that leave plenty of room on the staircase – without causing damage to the home.

A stair lift provides more than just independence. It offers a smooth, safe ride; the peace of mind that the home will always be accessible, even during a power outage; the comfort of padded fold-up seats and arm rests; and added convenience, especially for those who need to carry laundry or groceries up one or more flights of stairs. Stair lifts are also cost-effective – unlike elevators or lifts, they require no structural changes to the home and can often be installed in one day.

Straight Stair Lifts

Straight stair lifts are for standard stair cases with no curves or landings. These tend to be the quickest and lowest cost option. In fact, split-level homes may benefit from installing two straight stair lifts instead of a single curved lift.

Curved Stair Lifts

Curved stair lifts are the perfect accessibility solution for homes with split levels, landings, and curved or spiral stair cases. Custom-built according to the home’s precise measurements, these stair lifts provide a safe and secure way to navigate staircases that might otherwise be dangerous or disorienting.

Outdoor Stair Lifts

Outdoor stair lifts are specially designed to withstand harsh weather extremes. These can be added to any outdoor staircase, allowing access to the home itself as well as to a deck, dock, courtyard, or other outdoor area. The homeowner can then continue to enjoy and maintain their entire property.

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