Ceiling Lifts

The installation of a ceiling lift not only makes the home accessible to the patient, it reduces the risk of injury to the caregiver.

Ceiling lifts have long been used in hospitals, where frequent transfers and rotations of patients can help prevent bedsores. Ceiling lifts are also available for residential installations, where they can fulfill a variety of needs. A powerful motor attaches to a standard sling, which can be put on a person even while they are in bed or in a wheelchair. The motorized unit then lifts the patient, moves them to the desired room or area, and then gently lowers them. This is an ideal solution for allowing those with limited mobility to move from place to place within the home, with limited impact on their bodies.

The Benefits of a Ceiling Lift System

  • Reduces the number of caregivers needed, as a single caregiver can transfer a patient with the aid of a ceiling lift
  • Flexible track design can be positioned to allow access to critical areas such as the patient’s bed, toilet, and bathtub
  • Ergonomic design allows for safe, comfortable, and dignified transfers for the patient, with less exertion required by the caregiver
  • Takes up little to no space in the home, so there’s no inconvenience for other family members
  • High weight capacities (depending on model) makes it appropriate for use with bariatric patients
  • Battery operation means the system will be usable even in a power outage

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