Healthcare Professionals

As a healthcare professional, you do everything you can to help a patient regain their independence. Ideally, this includes returning to their own home – and Home Access Professionals can ensure that home is a safe and accessible place.

We work one-on-one with those involved in patient outcomes – including treating and primary physicians, occupational and physical therapists, and nurse case managers – to develop and implement medically necessary and cost-effective home accessibility equipment and home modification solutions that meet the patient’s functional needs.

How We Help

  • Home Evaluations – If there is uncertainty about if or how the patient will be able to navigate the home, contact us for a free home evaluation. This is a thorough assessment of the entire home done in the context of the patient’s needs and capabilities. The evaluation is followed by a report with recommendations for accessibility equipment installations and home modifications for review and approval by the patient’s insurance carrier or third-party payer.
  • Accessibility Equipment Installation – If a recent change in mobility means that your patient now must use an assistive device to navigate their home, we can provide accessibility equipment installation for a wide range of products. This ranges from the simple addition of grab bars and hand rails to the installation of patient lifts with complete track systems.
  • Home Modifications – For homes that require more extensive modifications to ensure accessibility, we offer custom design and construction services. From door widening to complete home remodeling, our providers are trained in developing optimal solutions for your patients’ needs.

Are you a healthcare professional with a need or a lead?

All of our services are performed by pre-vetted providers with credentials and experience in home accessibility. Home Access Professionals’ nationwide network means that most projects can be scheduled quickly and completed efficiently, anywhere in the country.

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