Healthcare Payers

Keeping your members home after a change in mobility is often the preferred choice: it empowers the individual and controls the cost of care. Home Access Professionals works with healthcare payers – insurance companies as well as Medicare and Medicaid – to identify and implement solutions that can keep your members as safe and independent as possible in their own homes.

Payers prefer to work with Home Access Professionals because we make the process simple. Our pre-vetted team of licensed, credentialed, and experienced providers means you don’t have to search for a qualified provider. The quality of the job will adhere to our high standards and ADA guidelines, and a warranty of at least one year will be provided. Furthermore, stringent requirements for our providers – including criminal background checks, accessibility certifications, and insurance amounts – reduces the risk on every project.

How We Help

  • Home Evaluations – During this free home assessment, a Home Access Professionals team member will determine which access equipment or home modifications will make the greatest impact towards providing cost-effective solutions that meet an individual’s functional needs. Our report with recommendations and cost information will be sent to you for review and approval.
  • Accessibility Equipment Installation – If the individual needs the aid of accessibility equipment in order to navigate their home, we can provide efficient, reliable equipment installation for a wide range of equipment, from ramps to platform lifts.
  • Home Modifications – For homes that require more extensive modifications to ensure accessibility, we offer custom design and construction services. From door widening to complete home modifications, our providers are trained in developing optimal solutions for your patients’ needs.
  • Project Management – Communications are streamlined by assigning a single point of contact to your case. This person will oversee the bidding process, manage the project from start to finish, and keep you up-to-date.

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